Kapelki Arts

Kapelki Arts

Created by Yuri Vasnetsov and supplied to Abrahams Store by his grand daughter, these are our selection of these utterly chaming cards. Russian through and through they bring to life old Russian fairly tales. As you would expect from us, they are full of colour and joy.

Yuri Vasnetsov in his studio

Yuri Vasnetsov


Yuri was born to the family of a priest in the old Russian town of Vyatka. Fascinated by traditional clay toys and folk culture, he started painting and drawing from an early age. After leaving Vyatka School for Boys, he moved to Petrograd (now St Petersburg) to study at the Academy of Arts. Yuri adored his wife and two daughters. He was a painter, graphic artist and stage designer, but is most famous as an illustrator, conjuring images in which animals wear beautiful clothes and have their own unique identities. Vasnetsov’s quirky and striking images take us away from modern reality to a wonderful and colourful world of fairy tale.