Cobra & Bellamy Stainless Steel Watch & Mesh Strap

Cobra & Bellamy Stainless Steel Watch & Mesh Strap

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Cobra & Bellamy Watches, chic and affordable everyday watches.

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Classic, beautiful and affordable, a Cobra & Bellamy Stainless Steel Watch with mesh strap. Designed in the retro style reminiscent of the 1930’s 40’s & 50’s Cobra & Bellamy watches are smart and chic for everyday wear, dressy and elegant for the evening.
There’s no getting away from the Cornish origins of this brand with model names like, Lamorna, Sennen and Zennor. The perfect birthday, anniversary or special occasion present.

“Cobra and Bellamy watches are classic, beautiful and affordable. I love all of them.” Sienna Miller

Lucia Van Der Post writing in the Financial Times wrote “These watches are classy, elegant and inexpensive”.
“..take a look at Cobra and Bellamy’s little range of classy-looking numbers…..”

Cobra & Bellamy supplied the watches for the 2017 film of Murder On the Orient Express.
You can just see Daisy Ridley wearing a C&B watch in the picture below.

Cobra & Bellamy Watches
Daisy Ridley wearing a Cobra & Bellamy Watch

Learn more about this film version of the classic Agatha Christie mystery here. The film also stars Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot, the brilliant but bigheadded, Belgian bore.

But there’s nothing oriental or far eastern about Cobra & Bellamy.
Based in Lamorna, Cornwall, it’s apity they didn’t have wristwatches in the 18th Century otherwise you could be sure that Ross Poldark would have had one.

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