ABRAHAMS STORE 9 Market Square, Kirkby Lonsdale, LA6 2AN

Welcome to Abrahams

Josie and JAC Beeson

Hi everyone.

Now that we have updated our website and recently created a new online shop, I thought it would be great to start an Abrahams blog! My name is Josie and with my husband JAC, we own and run our rather special ‘lifestyle’ store in the extremely beautiful South Lakes town, Kirkby Lonsdale.

We bought Abrahams in 2015 with no retail experience although we’ve both run our own businesses – JAC as a management consultant and I firstly, as a lingerie and then later a garden designer. We weren’t looking to buy a shop – it just seemed to happen. When the opportunity arose to buy Abrahams, we decided to take the plunge, pool our resources and begin a new adventure.

Right from the beginning, our aim was to create a unique and fabulous shopping experience for customers seeking ‘something different’. We have always wanted to stand out from the crowd in what we wear and surround ourselves with beautiful & great design whatever the product.

It has been an interesting and exciting journey so far…

…in our first month of opening we had to deal with some of the worst floods in living memory, followed by several heatwaves with little or no customers for days and now we have a pandemic to contend with. Who could have imagined that?

Regardless of these trials & tribulations we are still here and amazingly, we are soon to celebrate our 5th anniversary!

As a style focused business, we are always looking forward, in order to identify the latest trends, so I’m really excited about the next 5 years of Abrahams and bringing new discoveries to our customers. When buying visits, a busy shop, or global pandemic allow, I’ll write to you here about our further adventures and about what our future holds, so please watch this space.

Thank you for reading.