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AW2023 Accessories | Voglio Bene

AW2023 Accessories | Voglio Bene

The story of Voglio Bene, Pascal and Bénédicte, is a true artistic adventure. Both are qualified photographers who have plied their trade together, capturing precious moments through their lenses. Over time and with their experiences, they felt the need to turn to new applications of photography, in particular using Photoshop to give an artistic dimension to their creations.

During the period from 2012 to 2015, Pascal and Bénédicte had the opportunity to participate in different markets in the Montpellier region. These events were the perfect opportunity to share their passion for photography and expose their work to an increasingly wider audience. It was during this period that Bénédicte began to stand out thanks to her unique artistic approach.

By presenting her creations on the markets, Bénédicte quickly attracted the attention and aroused the interest of visitors. His unique artistic style captivated eyes and touched hearts. People were fascinated by his ability to capture moments of striking beauty and transform them into true works of art. Her fresh and bold artistic vision began to stand out, making her a promising artist in the region.

Building on their success and driven by a thirst for development and new projects, Pascal and Bénédicte decided to take a new turn in their artistic careers. In 2020, they founded the brand and began the beautiful story of Voglio Bene, which embodies their common passion for artistic decoration inspired by Street art. With this new venture, they embark on an exciting adventure, ready to take on new challenges and explore uncharted horizons in the art world.

Whether you are an art lover, a decoration enthusiast or simply curious to discover new forms of artistic expression, we welcome you to this exciting adventure. Prepare to be amazed by the creativity of Pascal and Bénédicte, and to let yourself be carried away by the unique universe of “VOGLIO BENE”. In this new story, they set out with determination to push the limits of their creativity and share their love for art with the world. Join them on this inspiring adventure and discover the very essence of Voglio Bene.

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