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And now it time for something ablsolutely delicious, here is our curated collection of sumptuous Charbonnel et Walker chocolates. Temptation in a box ….

To find out the story, we’ve got to go a long time to 1875… and what a momentous yeas 1875 was….

B&M Webb Matches
Bryannt & May Matches celebrating Captain Webb’s achievement. Interestingly Webb was a pioneer in licencing the use of his name on various artefacts including china. This brand of matches was one of the longest surviving being a common sight 100 years after his famous first. He died whilst attempting to swim the whirpools of the Niagara Falls in 1883.
  • The first surviving Gilbert & Sullivan operetta, Trial by Jury, was premiered. “The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring” may remind you of Rose and Violet creams.
  • Captain Webb became the first man to swim the English Channel – it took him 22hrs, which is somewhat longer than a box of Orange Sticks lasts in our house.
  • In Scarbourough the UK’s first funiclular railway was opened; these days it’s easy to be lifted high by giving or receiving a box of Charbonnel & Walker Chocolates.
  • Preston North End Fans had something to celebrate with the opening of the Deepdale stadium, (although it would be 1878 before any football fans went there).

Perhaps in celebration of these events Mme Charbonnel and Mrs Walker opened their cholcolate emporium. Or perhaps it was that with the encourgagment of the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) Madame Virginie Eugenie Charbonnel, a noted Parisan choclatier met with sumptuous box maker Mrs Minnie Walker established in Charbonnel & Walker as Britain’s first luxury chocolatier.

Mrs. Walker made the finest jewellery boxes, hat boxes and more. Mme Charbonnel of Maison Boissier, (who still produce the most divine chocolates in Paris) and Mrs. Walker created Charbonnel et Walker with a simple ethos beautiful chocolates presented in beautiful gift boxes. Need we say more …. and now you don’t have to visit Old Bond Street or the Royal Arcade to acquire these much coveted choclolates as they are available online or from Abrahams Store.

London Home of Charbonnel & Walker
Royal Arcade: – Home of Charbonnel et Walker

We’ve always been big fans of Charbonnel Chocs and were delighted that our daugher worked for them as that guaranteed a plentiful supply ! Now she works for us and presenting Charbonnel & Walker chocolates their preferred mannner is just one of her tasks. These are the top quality chocolates with high cocoa content and the best of ingredients for the fillings.

It’s probably fair to say that we’re just nuts about Charbonnel and Walker, particularly their pistachio offerings.

Warning: These pages may seriously affect your waistline.